Portable 12V-DC Lapidary System

CabPro 6  ( 6" Lapidary Wheels )

Now it is easier to load or change your wheels quickly! 
CabPro6 - Portable 12V DC All-In-One Lapidary System

A Versatile Professional & Portable Lapidary System
that travels with you wherever you go!
No Power Outlet Needed! 

Take your lapidary shop with you anywhere you go...Your next RV trip, your lapidary club, your next trade fair, or Rock-Hounding Outing.  If you are a lapidary professional or enthusiast you will love this machine to saw, trim, grind, and polish your gemstone material anywhere anytime, no power outlet needed.


Flexible wheel loading

The CabPro6 is flexible when it comes to what wheels to load onto the ultra balanced carbon steel shaft. 

Do you use Diamond Wheels ? Resin Wheels? Both? .. 6 wheels ? 4 wheels ? ..not a problem.. as long as the wheel is for a 5/8" arbor you can load any combination of wheels you like and add  provided spacers in between them,  as desired.   

The best of all worlds... 

  • All in One System
  • Fully Portable - Take it wherever you go

  • Powerful  High Torque 12V-DC Operation  
  • Flexible Wheel Layout and Spacing
  • Precision Balanced Carbon Steel Shaft
    for ultra smooth running wheels
  • Variable Speed and Digital Readout
  • Much quieter than other machines  
  • Minimal Water Splash - Safe for in-home use.
  • Hard Anodized 6061 aluminum base

  • Professional Quality build in the USA 

This machine is an absolute joy to work with ! 

Compact Design:

The total machine weighs only about 25 pounds  so it is easily moved and a truly portable solution.  Take it to your club, your next RV Trip, or on your next Rock-hounding outing.  Always enjoy your own machine.  No power outlet needed.  

CabPro6 - Zero clearance Blade Setup

With the smooth operation of the machine and the Zero clearance saw blade table you can cut the finest gemstone materials while minimizing loss. 

Adjustable Speed  

The CabPro6 features fully adjustable speed. Slow down to 200 RPM or increase your speed to 2000 RPM.  Now you can set your preferred desired speed for any material you are cutting, grinding, and polishing. 

Digital Readout 

 The large digital readout makes it always easy to see what your RPM setting is.

Use a 4" or 6" blade

You can operate a standard 6" blade or for your finest materials mount an ultra thin 4" blade onto the shaft. Any blade made for a 5/8" arbor will fit. 

Smooth Drive Wheel Operation

The CabPro6 is operated with a solid aluminum drive wheel and belt combo.  Together with high quality bearings and a precision carbon steel shaft this machine runs so smooth and with much less vibration and noise than other machines. 

Flat Lap Attachment

You can attach any lap or wheel that is made to be fitted on a 5/8" shaft on the left or right side of the machine.  In this picture ( shown is our previous model ) we attached a 6" flat lap on the right side of the machine with a mounted leather pad.  Perfect for polishing with the use of Cerium Oxide. 

Versatile Lapidary System

The CabPro6 comes with a variety of accessories like a spindle attachement for use with any buffing wheels. The solid aluminum flat lap can hold any kind of stick-on sanding or polishing discs. 

Spindle Attachment

This machine is so versatile, you can also use a spindle attachment with a 6"  or 4" polishing wheel. 

Financing Available

Now you can pay with Paypal Credit.  Split your payment over 4 or 6 month.  Longer Term Financing avaialble upon request. 

Expanding Drum

Instead of operating the saw on the left side of the CabPro6 you can also mount an expanding drum to use with a variety of sanding belts.  Shown is also a 4 wheel setup with add'l spacers that allows for more room between the wheels when creating such items like stone hearts. 

The CabPro is fully portable to take it where you go... 

Your all-in-one CabPro6 lapidary system fits in this standard toolbox, so it is easily portable to take it anywhere you would like to take it.  Your next club meeting ( always great to bring your own machine ), your next RV trip, or to your next rockhounding outing at a mine.  Be Flexible and enjoy working on your own machine wherever you go. 

Everything neatly in one travel box

All tools for the CabPro6 and accessories fit right inside the carry box. 

More Information: 

For more information watch some of our simple videos or slideshows:

Video - Cutting and trimming stones

Video - Grinding Stones

Video - Adjustable Speed

Slideshow - Unpacking your system

Slideshow - Attach Power 

Slideshow - Saw Blade Installation

Slideshow - Change from Saw to Wheel

Slideshow - Flat Lap Installation

Slideshow - Removing and Reloading Wheels 

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MFR Retail: $3,500

CabPro6 - Made in USA - Specifications:

6" Wheel Model

Professional Portable Lapidary Machine :

  • Speed Controller: Variable ( 200 RPM - 2,000 RPM)
  • Display: Digital RPM
  • Wheel Size: 6" ( Pre-loaded wheel layout to your selection )
  • Motor Shaft size: 5/8"
  • Spring loaded clutch system
  • Cutting Table: Zero Clearance Blade System
  • Power: 12V DC ( Works of a 12V battery or ciggarette lighter adapter for hours!)

The 6" All-In-One System Includes:

  • 6" x 1 1/2" Diamond Grinding Wheel - 220 Grit
  • 6" x 1 1/2" Soft Nova Wheel - 600 Grit
  • 6" x 1 1/2" Soft Nova Wheel - 1200 Grit
  • 6" x 1 1/2" Soft Nova Wheel - 3000 Grit
  • Optional: 6" x 1 1/2" Soft Nova Wheel - 8000 Grit
  • Optional: 6" x 1 1/2" Soft Nova Wheel - 14,000 Grit
  • * wheels are with 1" hole and adapter for 5/8" shaft
  • Solid Aluminum Drive Pulley
  • Custom Wheel Packages available upon request


  • 6" Polishing Flat Lap
  • Arbor Adapter for Polishing Lap
  • 6" Saw attachment including 6" 0-clearance blade
  • Spindle Taper for use with 4" or 6" Buffing Wheels
  • Precision balanced 5/8" Carbon Steel Arbor with a Dual Bearing Mounting System
  • Drip Tank ( single spigot that easily moves where needed ).
  • Drip Tray ( one for main machine, a separate one for the saw when used ).
  • Complete Toolkit & wrench for changing wheels, saw blade, etc.


  • Machine Dimensions w/ shaft: 24" wide x 8" deep x 10" high
  • Main Base w/o drip tank: 18" wide x 8" deep x 8" tall
  • Saw Base 8" deep x 6" wide ( can use 6" or 4" sawblade )
  • Weight: Machine only (w/o saw attachment): 25 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 35 lbs  ( with attachments and battery )


  • Base: Hard Anodized 6061 Aluminum and Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Drip Tank: Crystal Clear Acrylic with single drip spigot and movable Aluminum Stand
  • Precision balanced Carbon Steel Shaft
  • Drip Spigot: Stainless Steel


  • Our machine works of any standard 12V-DC Battery for hours.  
    ( Exact working time depends on the amount of load the machine is put under. )
  • The type of battery we recommend with our machine is a powerful compact 12V battery only 4" x 6"5" readily available at any Home Building store or most Hardware Stores, or online.. Use any standard battery charger to recharge.
  • For extended working hours we recommend to operate with a 2 battery swap system so you are always ready to run your machine. The advantage of operating with a battery is that the machine can draw as much power as it needs when under load providing powerful torque.


  • Portable
  • Powerful High Torque
  • Professional Quality
  • Extreme Accurate Cutting with an "Easy Glide" cutting table
  • Ultra smooth running machine that is quiet and minimizes vibration
  • Ultra balanced shaft with professional quality ball bearings.
  • Versatile and Adaptable
  • Made in the USA
  • Developed and built by an award winning Gem Cutter and
    Certified Professional Gemologist "Stoneman Free"

Made in the USA