Lapidary Machine Accessories 

110V/220 AC to 12V DC - High Torque Power Converter

DC 12V 50A 600W Power Supply Switch 

110V/220 AC to 12V DC Converter
PSU SMPS Adapter Adjustable Universal Transformer

12V-DC Battery

Standard compact sealed 12V-DC Battery.
Available also at most Home Building Stores and Hardware Stores.  If strictly operating on battery power we recommend to work with a 2 battery system for several hours of lapidary work enjoyment. 

Flat Lap:

6 " Flat Lap fits on end of our 5/8" balanced Shaft.  Easy Installation.  Silde on and secure set screw. 

Use any 6" stick on lap. 

Tapered Spindle:


This brass tapered spindle will run true with no wobble or vibration.. The parallel interior machining of the spindle fits onto our straight well balanced 5/8" motor shaft.  

• Max. wheel diameter: 6"
Country of origin : United States


Expandable drum:

Rubber Expanding Drum with Pop-Out Bushing
Item #: RG201088

6 " diameter x 2-1/2" wide  Material : Rubber
Hole size : 1/2"-1" (adjustable)
Pop-out bushing included —  5/8" 

In addition to lapidary use, these drum sanders are excellent for many metalworking applications such as sprue removal and contour sanding. 

The drum expands as the wheel rotates, holding the belt firmly in place. The slightly cushioned sanding surface makes smoothing and shaping of contoured surfaces quick and easy. 

Please Note:• For proper operation, make sure that the flutes on the side of the wheel point downward, in the same direction that the wheel turns.

12V-DC Battery Charger

Compact 12V 2Amp Automatic Battery Charger for Lithium Ion Batteries